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There are no shortcuts to success

While we are locally still discussing why it’s necessary to become more adaptable and more flexible, we are in more mature markets already often seeing organizations taking the systemic approach toward becoming more resilient. Making the change permanent and ensuring that constant learning becomes part of the day-to-day is becoming crucial for the ongoing development to unlock productivity and capture the full financial benefits and progress potential.

There are no shortcuts to success

Success much depends on making the change permanent Having a purpose, and a vision alone is not enough, both require action. And, while we are going through these transformations people need to understand what this means for their jobs, for their roles and they need to be trusted to solve the challenges - while relaxing the control, empowering experimentation, and allowing contribution differently. If people don’t know how they fit in this change, how the transformation will shape and benefit their work, and their behaviors, then how work gets done won’t change.

Sharing some interesting McKinsey findings to influence transformation success.


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